Groin Pain / Strain – A Chiropractors view (UK)

Groin Pain / Strain – A Chiropractors view (UK)

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Dr Maria Madge, Chiropractor UK, talks to The Sports Injury Clinic about Groin Pain / Strain. There is a difficulty in identifying the location of the joint with regards to groin pain. This is due to a lot of structures which can refer pain to the groin and inner thigh area. A chiropractor will deal with the muscle and joints pain related to that area.
A groin strain is typically caused from an over stretching or over use of the muscle which becomes inflamed or suffers from a mild tear. The chiropractor would also need to check the hip, the pelvis, the groin area and all the muscles down as far as the knee. Things don’t tend to happen in isolation so it could be referred from a problem in the SI joint, the hip joint or even from the lower back. Then the chiropractor has to establish which muscle groups are tight before a combination of stretching, massage and soft tissue work are undertaken. More importantly a chiropractor will check to see if there’s any misalignment or restriction in the muscles or the joints surrounding that area. If normal function to the joints is re-established then the muscles will tend to follow.


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