Is it SAFE to CRACK your own Neck and Back! 😅

Is it SAFE to CRACK your own Neck and Back! 😅

Is it SAFE to adjust your own Neck and Back! 😅 | Dr. Marcus Kasper

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This video is a full adjustment video that contains new and returning patients. video done and edited by Dr Marcus Kasper the Chiropractor.


Each patient that comes in to see Dr Marcus Kasper receives a thorough consultation, examination, and potentially X-Rays in order to determine exactly where to adjust. A chiropractic adjustment(s) can have amazing benefits when dealing with any type of conditions. People that come to get treated are experiencing all types of symptoms. Symptoms such as headaches, neck pain, mind back pain, low back pain, digestive issues, sleeping issues etc can possibly helped by realigning the spine. The K-Pull just like the Y-Strap that is performed provides a decompression effect throughout the whole entire body.


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