Osteoarthritis-Janu Sandhigata Vata A Crippling Disease- Cure & Care by Ayurveda.

Osteoarthritis-Janu Sandhigata Vata A Crippling Disease- Cure & Care by Ayurveda.

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Today we will discuss about JANU SANDHIGATA VATA.
JANU means Knee, SANDHIGATA means Joint & VATA means Pain. So JANUSANDHIGATA VATA means Knee Joint pain. In modern it is known as OSTEOARTHRITIS. As age increases due to wear and tear the space between the knee bones reduces and there is friction between the bones as a result there is pain mostly females are affected out of 10 cases diagnosed 8 cases are females. In modern times due to intake of fast food, artificial foods it has a reverse effect and there is increase in weight and as weight increases the whole pressure of the weight is put on the knee as a results there is severe pain in the knees.

Sign & Symptoms:
Redness, Pain, Tenderness, Difficulty in moving the joint

First Line of Treatment is to correct Constipation. Stool softening is the line of treatment. 3-4 Liters of Luke Warm Water.

Small pieces of Turmeric & Ginger crushed and boiled in water and strained if taken, reduce the pain and Inflammation.

Avoid things kept in Refrigerator.

Avoid cold and stale food even food prepared in the morning should not be warmed and taken in the evening. It’s always advisable to prepare and take warm foods all the time.

Give a little rest to the Affected part it can be achieved by immersing both the legs in warm water with salt for 15-20 minutes and while sleeping keeping the legs in a little high position by keeping 2-3 pillows below the legs.

Plants which reduces plants:
Take 3-4 leaves of Eranda (Ricinus communis) and make it into a bolous and heat it and apply it in the affected part it reduces the pain.

Take Kadha prepared of the leaves of Bala (Sida cordifolia) plant it reduces the pain drastically.

Kadha prepared out of the 5-6 leaves of Nirgundi (Vitex negundo) is also very helpful in reducing the pain.

Parijat or Harsringar (Night Jasmine) leaves 2-3 in number boiled in water also helps in reducing the pain.

Procedure to reduce pain
Eranda Leaves, Nirgundi Leaves, Round Lemons all cut into small pieces and fried in Sesame oil added with salt heated and made into a bolus and massaged in the affected area.

Pork fat heated not in direct heat but indirect heat of boiled water and absorbed by a piece of cotton is applied in the affected part for 1 hour and washed with Luke warm water. Point to remember is the oil should not be too hot to burn the skin.

Lastly the message is these procedures are to give temporary relief and this is for educational video and if anyone tries these procedure it should be done under medical supervision under a registered Ayurveda Doctor.

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Dr Imlikumba
Medical Officer (Ayurveda)
North Eastern Institute of Folk Medicine (NEIFM)
An Autonomous Institute under Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India
Pasighat Arunachal Pradesh.