Sciatic Pain & Limping Relieved w/ Great Chiropractic Cracking. Relax & Cracks ASMR.

Sciatic Pain & Limping Relieved w/ Great Chiropractic Cracking. Relax & Cracks ASMR.

Location: Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

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Doctor 47 Presents…

Staring @savannahgochoel on IG.

The contents of my (former desk) drawer are as follows…

From bottom left: Ridge wallet pocket knife. Browning Day Carry/ Hunting blade that my chiropractic mentor gave me. Balisong that I found on the street when I was 9. Random, no label knife that fits the description of “most perfect pocket knife ever.” Ophthalmoscope (looks in the eye). Otoscope (looks in to the ear). Insufflator (pump & tube that attaches to the otoscope and pumps air into the ear, moving the tympanic membrane to determine abnormal ear pressure.

2nd row from bottom left: Ridge Wallet. The wide attachment for the athrostim. Accessory attachment for the otoscope.

At the top. Aviators, with built in rear view camera (for spying).
In the shadow: The retired activator adjusting tool. This was the arthrostim before electricity.

Savannah… This girl is sharp. It’s not often you get to meet a savant with the raw ability to learn just about anything. And while the list of instruments she played was impressive, and her visual artistic skills to boot, it was the emotional intelligence that is most rare for a person of her age. This is the kind of reincarnated soul that will bring immense light into the world through skillful art and compassionate healing practices.

But for now she’s dealing with a “pain in the butt” irritated sciatic nerve. (I’m not sure if I intended that pun or not). And even though I called out a disc in the hallway, it wasn’t until the seated palpation that the true culprit was revealed.

S3… Which was crazy awesome for me becasue I literally just finished one of Dr. Rahim’s new videos where he found an S3 and said QUOTE “We’re finding more people coming in with S3 when they’ve been diagnosed with L4.”

Damn… Validated by Dr. Rah Rah… that feels sooo good on my inside.

Also, you put together the audio clues? The Nervoscope was the secret agent music background unboxing at the beginning. And it worked! Perfectly reflecting back what I found with my fingers. LOL

NOW. 2 things. First, I haven’t used a scope in years. It’s not difficult. But there is an art and a mastery to it. And it has been helping to refine my hands on technique. Instead of looking for a general area with heat. I’ve been trying to find EXACT SEGMENTS, like the instrument.

But as a tool itself… I do appreciate the specificity. And it has proved useful a few times since getting it.

HOWEVER! It is limited to heat differential. And in this session, the importance of monitoring all qualities revealed itself. Dampness, for example, is a quality looked at in Chinese medicine. Not exactly in this context. But even in western medicine the observation of over and under active sweat glands is a factor.

What was I going to do? Leave that right SI joint on the table???

And that is why I do not practice Gonstead technique in isolation. I digress.

Regarding the birth question… If a person is born naturally through the birth canal there is increased chance of upper cervical injury (if complicated). Especially if forceps or vacuum were used incorrectly. This sometimes correlates when someone has “life long headaches.”

Cesarean birth is typically less traumatic for the neck, but comes with associated “risks.” Natural birth functions to squeeze a substance called surfactant out of the lungs as they enter the world, receiving oxygen for the first time. There may be associated increase in asthma when this does not occur. There is also a healthy dose of bacteria from mom that (some studies suggests) have a direct impact on the babies gut microbiome (which is crucial for digestive and immune health).

Which is also why I ask about breastfeeding. It’s an immunological question.

As for the arthrostim… when people ask “what does that do?”

I tell them “It depends on where I am it.”

1)JOINT manipulation, ligament capsule release, scar tissue/ adhesion breaking.
2) MUSCLE belly trigger point & Golgi Tendon Organ stim.
3) Proprioception enhancement for SOT blocking and meningeal release & mirror image adjustment posture training.
4) Meridian and accupressure stimulation
5) Sound Application: The 12-14 vibracussions per second is a “low beta rate” referred to as the somato-motor rhythm. This invites the body and brain to a state of internal & external awareness, clearing neurological “noise.”

I could go on, about anything, but the character count says 4848 of 5000

and it’s 4:48am.

I couldn’t make that up if I tried.

I did however make up the part about my aviators having a camera.

Stay Tuned

Sciatic Pain Limping Relieved Great Chiropractic Cracking Relax Cracks ASMR.


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