Side of the Foot Pain BEST Treatment [Lateral Foot Pain 2020!]

Side of the Foot Pain BEST Treatment [Lateral Foot Pain 2020!]

Outside of the foot pain can mostly be pinky toe pain, tailors bunion pain, fifth metatarsal paint, styloid process pain and ankle sprain pain.

Dr. Tom Biernacki goes over how to take care of these issues, how to get your foot feeling better almost immediately.

He goes over practical home treatments, home cures, and home remedies. These treatments will make the outside of your foot, the lateral side of your foot feel a lot better.

This treatment focuses more on stretching, weight loss, good orthotics, good shoes, and good gel pads rather than surgery.

We feel that outside of the foot pain can get better very quickly without doing surgery.

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BEAST of a running/walking shoe for men:
BEAST of a running/walking shoe for women:

Best Orthotics:
Best Affordable Orthotic:
Best Affordable 3/4 Orthotic:
Best 25$ 3/4 Orthotic:

Best for Plantar Fasciitis:
Best Compression Sleeves:
Best Affordable Cold Therapy Wrap:
Best Gel Socks:
Best Massage Roller:
Best Midfoot Sleeve:

Best Bunion Pads:
Best Simple Bunion gel pad:
Best Bunion Separator:
1st and 2nd Toe Separator:

Best Hammer Toe Pads:
Toe Gel Sleeves:

Outside of the foot/5th toe:
Best small toe/5th toe protector:

Ball of the Foot Pain:
Best Metatarsal Sleeve:

Ankle Support:
Best Ankle Brace:

Best for Skin & Toenails:
Best Toenail Coverup Repair Pen:
Best Foot Soak:
Best For Dry Toenails:
Best for Fungus (Just Remember to Trim Ahead of Time!!!):


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